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Almost Back! Resuming in 2023

Thanks for stopping by. You may notice that the stories ended in 2019. Except for one written in 2020. That's because I switched back to my old love: writing tie-in media fiction. A "hey write a novel in nine months" contract as well as a new full-time job in the arts meant I needed to take a break from Encore  Spotlight in late 2019.

Which was fine because I intended to return to writing for Encore in March 2020. Uh, then something happened. As in all the theaters shut down due to a worldwide pandemic. In 2020 I did one theater review. In the new normal, I became the audience in Seattle watching a Zoom performance  in Philadelphia. This article appeared the Baum Bugle this winter.

Oh and I did finish the novel, which was published in January 2021. That's Mask of Silver. For anyone interested in entertainment, the roots of this title in the Arkham Horror series came from my deep love for silent movies, fostered by the wonderful Seattle International Film Festival and the Paramount's terrific "Silent Movie Mondays" series. There's been two more novels since then: The Deadly Grimoire in 2022 and, out in November 2023, The Bootlegger's Dance!

But with the Arkham Horror novels done  (for now)...and a few other things finished too...I'm taking time to return to my first love: writing about the arts. Over the next few months, I'll be setting up some interviews and diving deeper into local shows.

Hope to see everyone soon at the theaters of Seattle. Until then, break a leg! Merde!

Theater Curtain Opening - Back Soon!