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Price Suddarth makes his mainstage mark at PNB

Forget “Chorus Line” or the many recent dramas about dancing in the corps de ballet. Being part of the group who normally back up the leads doesn’t mean being anonymous.

Price Suddarth’s newest piece, “Signature,” explores that dynamic of the dancers as individuals contributing to the art. “Simply being there is the dancers’ signature,” he explained. “No signal characteristic is unique—it is our entire person that makes us unique.” Of course being tapped to create a new work for a distinguished company's mainstage program when you’ve been dancing there for only five years might be counted as little more unique than normal. Suddarth became a PNB apprentice in 2010 and transitioned to the corps in 2011.

Suddarth choreographed his first piece while still a student at the School of American Ballet. “It was really small but fun. I realized that this is a puzzle that I enjoy.” Once employed at PNB, he participated in the company’s Next Step program, where the company's…

Inner Galactic unleashes creators’ inner geeks

An immersive performance incorporating, music, spoken word, and theater as well as homemade spacesuits, “Inner Galactic” is the latest creation of dancer/choreographer Maya Soto and musician/artist Nico Tower. In a yearlong journey to this weekend’s performances at Velocity Dance Center, the pair unleashed their inner geeks.

“This piece is our own space fantasy,” said Soto in an interview earlier this fall. “The place we travel to is our inner space, our emotional galaxy. There’s a visceral language in seeing somebody’s body move.”

“It’s a powerful exploration of dance. Dance is this super perfect container,” said Tower. “Maya helped create the container where I could feel the music through the dance.”

Soto has produced six evening length shows in Seattle over the last decade including the warmly received “Gathering Bones” in 2013. Over the past 13 years, Tower has released ten albums and presented her original works in more than 40 cities. However, “Inner Galactic” dem…