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How to add the Mackie look to Catch Me If You Can: hire the original legend

Author's note: First and foremost, it only takes about five minutes of chat with Bob Mackie to know why so many famous women wear his gown. The guy is a charmer! I only had twenty minutes or so on the phone with this very busy man, but it remains one of my favorite interviews.

When in Seattle earlier this summer, Bob Mackie hit Nordstrom’s Rack. The legendary creator of fabulous gowns was looking for cheap pair of men’s shoes. Maybe a suit jacket or two. Not for himself, but for a chorus member in Catch Me If You Can.

“I came out of variety TV,” explained Mackie, chatting by phone from California. “Sometimes, if you need it quick, it’s easier to buy something. Besides, we have a budget for the show and I want to help keep the costs down. So I told them let’s go look and see what we can find that will work.”

At the same time, Mackie reached back to his glamorous roots and created numerous original costumes for Catch Me that evoke the beginning of 1960s and the “livin…

Acting outside: keeping it huge helps, says GreenStage's Holmes

Author's note: if anyone knows about acting outside, it is Ken Holmes. This is the second part of a very long online interview with Holmes.
GreenStage artistic director Ken Holmes knows more than a little about jets roaring overhead and audiences distracted by picnics. Here's a few of his observations about planes, dogs, and rain.How is acting in a park different that acting in a theater?Subtle acting only works in the parks if you can make it huge and share it with a large audience. Sharing with the audience is key—it doesn’t matter if you are crying real tears, or really feeling the emotion of your character or their situation if the audience can’t hear you and understand you. Vocally and physically, you have to be huge while still communicating subtle actions.What's harder as an actor: rain, barking dogs, or planes overhead?Noise from planes is probably the hardest thing to deal with. You can’t just stop and wait for them. Especially somewhere like Volunte…