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The ants behind the lace at Cinderella

Author's note: I will take any excuse to haunt costume shops. Something about the level of detail that these craftspeople put into their work awes me every time.  The ants, however, are one of my few photos used to illustrate an article (generally I rely on the pros). Everyone sees a performance slightly differently. Tiny details often overlooked by the audience appear as large as billboards to the creators. "We had to rush to get the Cinderella costumes ready for TV ad," said Larae Hascall, costume shop manager at Pacific Northwest Ballet. Watching the swirl of red ballgowns surrounding Cinderella and her prince as the ad played on her computer monitor, Hascall noted that the men didn’t have their queues (wigs) ready at the time of filming and her team hadn’t done final fittings on several costumes. "It will look even better on stage." While most of us might not notice the exact fit of a Prince’s jacket, Hascall’s crew knows that tailoring the costumes