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Raisins 2019 evolved from student project

Live Girls! Theater has joined forces with Cornish College of the Arts alumni Lexi Chipman and Maya Burton to turn their project, Raisins in a Glass of Milk, into an annual series called “Raisins.”

Seattle actors, directors, and teaching artists Lexi Chipman and Maya Burton first developed Raisins, based on interviews with artists of color working in theater, during their final year at Cornish. The work was restaged for Cornish Presents, the college’s visiting and professional artists series, in the summer of 2016 at the Alhadeff Studio. It was quickly followed by a successful production at 18th and Union in February 2017 which The Seattle Weekly praised as “deeply humanizing and poetic.”

The 2019 show, crafted from new stories, tackles the same issues but with an empowered all female cast. As directed by Burton and Chipman, Raisins 2019 puts the fight for inclusion and representation centerstage.

“Live Girls! Theater has been empowering female theater makers for nearly 20 y…