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Creating costumes for quick change Baskerville

Cornish College of the Arts graduate Nina Bice '18 worked with assistant professor Melanie Burgess to create nearly 90 costume changes for the fast-moving "Baskerville" at Taproot Theatre in Seattle. The show plays through October 20, 2018. Bice is currently in San Francisco for a Fellowship at the American Conservatory Theater and sent the following update on life after college.

RJ: How did partnering with Melanie Burgess at Taproot come about?
NB: I took a few classes from Melanie while I was at Cornish, and she was always supportive of my creative process and especially of my sketchbook practices. In my last semester I did an independent study for costume design with her, since I had always taken scenic studio instead of costume. For the independent study I did a paper design for The Importance of Being Earnest, from research through concept through renderings. Conveniently that show is the same time period as Baskerville! The Baskerville project came up in the middle …