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Collaboration remains key to Salt Horse creations

In Salt Horse’s latest work, Color Field, long-time collaborators Corrie Befort, Beth Graczyk, and Angelina Baldoz played with words and music to create a dance about light and color.

As with past Salt Horse works, their newest collaboration with the Northwest Film Forum let them shift movement and performance into a public space not traditionally associated with dance. Contributing to Color Field are filmmaker Adam Sekuler, lighting designer Marnie Cummings, musician Jason Anderson and performers Ariana Bird, Belle Wolf, Kathleen Hunt, and Steven Gomez.

Although Befort also does the scenery and Baldoz primarily works with the music, Graczyk emphasized in a recent interview that Salt Horse’s teamwork approach keeps them all very equal when it comes to the actual creation of a dance.

What has kept your collaborative process going since 2005?
All three of us enjoy is that Salt Horse is an entity on its own. It is the contribution of three voices coming together. We make a good te…

The costumes reveal the character at Seattle Shakes

Melanie Burgess makes actors look good and, more importantly, in character throughout Seattle. The costume designer, who also teaches at Cornish College of the Arts, has clothed productions at Seattle Opera, A Contemporary Theatre, Village Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman, The 5th Avenue Theatre, Empty Space, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, New Century Theatre Company, Taproot Theatre and Tacoma Actors Guild, among others locally. A regular recipient of Seattle Times Footlight award and a winner of a 2010 Gregory for her work, Burgess recently discussed the challenges of designing two very different productions for Seattle Shakespeare Company: Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest and Shakespeare’s King Lear. What do you think is the biggest contribution that costumes make to a production?
Costumes provide visual storytelling. They can indicate time, location, and a wide range of character traits. More subtlety, through silhouette, color, and texture, they …