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Joplin’s life continues to inspire show’s creator

As a writer, director and producer Randy Johnson has created shows about many famous figures. His current biographical show on Janis Joplin is playing at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre through Sunday. He recently discussed what attracted him to the legendary singer. RJ: You've tackled some famous and infamous men in productions about Mike Tyson, Elvis Presley, and Conway Twitty...what drew you to Janis Joplin? Johnson: All of these people have left and, in Mike Tyson’s case continue to make, an important and positive mark in the world. They have all inspired millions of people and all have become cultural icons. Janis is no different as she was and is a significant force in our cultural and social conscience. I met with Michael and Laura Joplin at the office of the manager of the Estate in October 2010. We had an extraordinary four-hour conversation about Janis, growing up with Janis, her influences and what proved to be an insight into the private

MAP funds edgy drama with pop culture events

Brandon Ryan and Kiki Abba in MAP's latest production. "Belleville" photo by Shane Regan, used with permission As a producing director at MAP Theatre , Peggy Gannon has to wear multiple hats. She's just opened “Belleville” by Amy Herzog at 12th Ave Arts. She's also hosting several special events for the group at Central Cinema, including MAP Games: MarioKart N64 Tourney on April 20 and MAP Trivia on May 3, 24, and June 1. Herzog’s romantic thriller, which Gannon directed, revolves around a young American couple who transfer their lives to Paris and discover that they may not know as much about each other as they thought. Gannon recently discussed how the nomadic company holds to its mission to keep theater affordable in Seattle as well as their tendency to produce dark works with a comedic edge. RJ: Let's start with that list of events that you're hosting. What are MAP Games and MAP Trivia and how much more fun t