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Intensely personal in a slightly creepy way: 5th's Grey Gardens

First time Jessica Skerritt saw the documentary Grey Gardens, it made her a little uncomfortable. "It reminded me of that television show Hoarders," she said. "Intensely personal in a slightly creepy way." After being cast as Little Edie in the musical based on the film, she studied the girl who should have had everything but ended up as a curiosity, famous mostly because of her relationship with Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onnassis. “When I play her,” said Skerritt, “Grey Gardens is the height of its beauty and she’s on the cusp of all things wonderful in her life.”

The musical opens with Little Edie preparing for her engagement party to a handsome young Joseph Kennedy. Later, as recluse in a crumbling mansion, the same role is played with deliberate eccentricity by Patti Cohenour in the Seattle production. Cohenour also plays Big Edie, Little Edie’s mother in the 1940s scenes. During rehearsals, Skerritt set her accent based on what she heard in the d…

Dancing with kilts

Jonathan Porretta is jumping high to become the King of the Kilt.  For the second year, the Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer has donned the plaid for charity, entering Ronald McDonald House's Men In Kilts competition. Votes are made in the form of $25 donations (each "vote" sponsors and sponsors one night of housing for a family).

"Last year, when they phoned the ballet to see if anyone wanted to pose for picture in the kilt, [the development department] immediately emailed me," said Porretta.

Despite being the only guy in a kilt who did a full flying leap in tartan, Porretta failed to capture the crown in 2012. Undaunted and willing to try again, he's back in bright yellow kilt lent by Peter Macleod.

Macleod's wife Rian is a former PNB Governing Board member (2007-2012) and a current PNB STARS member. She's chaired such events as PNB’s First Look Opening Gala and is more than willing to lend her husband's kilt for a good cause.