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Jane Jones makes The Cider House Rules

Book-It wraps their 20th season this month with The Cider House Rules, the first full-length novel ever adapted by the company. Founding co-artistic director Jane Jones returns to the director’s chair for Part One: Here in St. Clouds. She, actor Tom Hulce (who co-directed the world premiere), and playwright Peter Parnell first crafted a Wagnerian version of John Irving’s novel.

“The first version [1995] was five-and-half hours long. Then we whittled it down to four hours, that was the version that we did for the opening of the Leo K Theatre [1997],” recalled Jones. This weekend, this latest incarnation will be approximately three hours, in part due to advice from novelist himself.

“Irving told us to be ruthless with cuts,” Jones said. The novelist had been persuaded by his son to see the performances at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. “Irving saw Part II before he saw Part I. I sat a friend next him and told her to come out during intermission …

Adpating Austen for the stage

Jen Taylor’s adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility opens tonight (June 3). This is Taylor’s second adaptation for Book-It Repertory Theatre: she previously adapted Persuasion for the company. Her other credits at Book-It include performances in The House of Mirth (Lily Bart), Giant (Leslie Lynton), Pride and Prejudice in 2004 (Elizabeth Bennet), and In A Shallow Grave (Widow Rance). She’s performed locally with New Century Theatre Company, ACT, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Intiman Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, and The Empty Space Theatre. Taylor works extensively as a voice-over artist on radio, television, and in video games.

This is Book-It's fourth presentation of Jane Austen's work: for those not familar with her novels, what makes Austen a good fit for Book-It?
Not only did Jane Austen create delightfully complicated characters and charming, compelling stories but her language is what I really treasure. Book-It allows this sparkling langu…