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Chiang takes measure of Shakespeare's darkest comedy

The director of Seattle Shakespeare’s current production of "Measure for Measure." has had a lifetime relationship with the Bard. It began with her mother being "a horrible test taker," said Desdemona Chiang. After finishing in the bottom 5 percent of a national test to determine college placement, the Taiwanese government placed Chiang's mother "in theater school. She spent four years doing theater against her will – because she really wanted to be a journalist." However an encounter with Shakespeare’s "Othello," and a liking for the character of Othello's wife, led her to name her daughter Desdemona.

“So I’ve always being fascinated by Shakespeare because of my name. I first tried to read ‘Othello’ when I was 9,” Chiang recalled.

Although born in Taiwan, Chiang grew up in the United States and her own college career went a bit differently. “I remember calling my mother and telling her that I decided to major in theater…

Trekking into comedy at SET

The actors are pulling on their polyester uniforms again at Seattle Experimental Theater. The company’s hit homage to the original “Star Trek” TV series, “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” opens tomorrow (Jan. 8) at the Theatre Off Jackson.

These audience-driven episodes of the Enterprise’s continuing mission have played to serious fans at Emerald City Comicon and Geek Girl Con as well as at various improv festivals and theaters. The company, and the show, debuted in 2011. Fans pick key elements for every performance within the framework of “Alien Planet” or “Space Sickness” or, new for 2015, “Worthy Opponent.” In the latter, which will debut during the January performances, mysterious alien visitors defined by audience suggestions are beamed aboard and create tension on the Enterprise.

The crew for the January performances will be Tony Beeman, Paul Levy, Colin Madison, Cheryl Platz, Wayne Pishue, Jekeva Phillips, and Nicholas Schell.

Platz, who often plays Nurse Chapel or …