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A glimmer of KT Niehoff

One glimpse at the photos, and you can probably tell that KT Niehoff’s latest creation is not for children.
KT Niehoff, Kelly Sullivan, Bianca Cabrera, Ricki Mason The full title is Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light, but the choreographer and the dancers just call it Glimmer. “Thematically, it is a very dark show,” said Niehoff, the artistic director of Lingo Dance. “Right now, I’m obsessed with vampires. So this is glitz and glamour, an inner circle I call Coven and an outer circle of showgirls.” And all dictated by the space available in ACT’s Bullitt Theatre.
“At the moment, I can’t imagine this in another space. It’s such an unique room, the architecture is so placed in time, and you feel like you are falling back in time. There is a feeling of permission in that room,” she said.
As for the vampire obsession and how it colored Glimmer, she noted that shows like True Blood on HBO have created “an American cultural obsession with vampires and I’m just as susceptible to …

Contralto Rudinoff plays Hildy strong and sassy

Sarah Rudinoff returns to the 5th Avenue Theatre this month in a musical with “Town” in the title. “And then I tell people that Billie [Wildrick] is in it too, and they say ‘wait, didn’t we see you in this?’ I told Billie that we need to do Our Town the Musical next,” said Rudinoff.

To set the record straight, Rudinoff and Wildrick co-starred in the 5th’s fabulous remount of Wonderful Town in 2006. Four years later, the two very funny ladies are back for Bernstein’s On The Town at the same theater.

Rudinoff plays Hildy, a rather lonely female cabdriver. Luckily, she gives a lift to an appealing sailor on the town for the day. For Rudinoff, it’s a chance to play another one of the “strong and sassy” ladies created by writers Betty Comden and Adolph Green.

With the action of On The Town taking place in New York during World War II, Comden and Green’s wisecracking Hildy becomes a composite of the women who stepped into “the men’s jobs” during the war.

“The minute I start…

Chester Gregory stops in Seattle for Dreamgirls (and a little lobster mac)

Backstage at  Dreamgirls, the women make lightning fast changes into fabulous costumes with increasingly bouffant wigs.

But they are not the only ones who need to quick change in record time. Chester Gregory can testify that he has almost as much interaction with the dressers for his role of James “Thunder” Early, the R&B star who gives the “Dreamettes” their first big break and who undergoes his own rise and fall in the wildly changing music scene and costume styles of the 1960s and early 1970s.

“There’s twelve costume changes plus wigs,” he said over the phone. “For one scene, I’m very high energy, then I run off stage, change the costume and the wig, and come back on as though I’ve been sitting around in this new outfit for hours. And I have to do this complete change of mood in ten seconds! It’s fun and challenging at the same time.”

When the show rolls into a new town, Gregory shows up early at the theater to rehearse this “backstage choreography” so that it can al…