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Voronin breaks his silence

An original Teatro ZinZanni cast member, the Ukrainian-born illusionist known as Maestro Voronin is appearing in his 23rd show created for the spiegeltent on Mercer Street. During "When Sparks Fly," the popular dinner-and-a-show theater becomes a laboratory devoted to mad and magical science. As always, acrobatics are done with the greatest of ease while the “minions” create comic havoc between the courses. Voronin’s children also appeared at ZinZanni earlier this summer, performing in the company’s “Dream On,” a daytime show for younger audiences.

Although Voronin stays silent when performing as part of his character, he was willing to answer a few questions via email with the help of translator Julia Ochs.

Growing up, who were the magicians that you most admired?
Well, at the time there were two names: Igor Kio and Arutyun Akopyan – well-known Soviet/Russian circus performers and illusionists. There were a couple of magazines, “Yunyi Technic” (“Young Technician…