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Huey stars in front of hometown crowd

Cornish College of the Arts graduate Diana Huey stars in Disney's Little Mermaid at the 5th Avenue Theatre. In 2017, The 5th Avenue’s spectacular new production will go on to play engagements in Orlando, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Louisville, among other cities. But for Huey, one of the real charms of this casting was the opportunity to return to Seattle. Photo: Mark Kiatoka for 5th Avenue Theater.

When Diana Huey received the call to audition for Disney’s Little Mermaid, she could think of so many reasons that she wanted to put on the fish tail and red wig.  "I love musical theater. ‘Part of Your World’ is one of the first songs that I memorized.  Some of my earliest memories are singing those songs in the back of my Mom’s car. And it meant that I could go home to Seattle for Christmas," she said in a recent interview.

But Huey wasn’t too fired up about the audition. "I went for the experience and didn’t expect much. I’m Asian. As I said to somebody as I …