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Dark fairies flit through Graney's latest

--> Looking for a few adjectives to describe the style of choreographer Pat Graney? Try fearless, adventurous, striking, or bold – and that won’t even cover half of the catalog of an extraordinary body of work. Graney has choreographed solo pieces, theatrical pieces, and, through Keeping The Faith, healing pieces for women serving time in prison. A powerful influence for more than twenty years in the Seattle dance scene, she’s inspired numerous artists to follow her very big strides in make a place for women in choreography. Her most recent venture finds her collaborating with artists from several spheres to tell the dark fairytale of the The Skriker, a shapechanging fairy roaming a fantastical London. The Balagan Theatre production runs from now through Nov. 11 at the Erickson Theatre, 1524 Harvard. Graney took some time out from her busy schedule to answer a few questions about the show via e-mail. First, what attracted you to The Skriker?
Janice Findley approached me to wor…