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Edwards keeps his Christmas story properly dark

Not everyone knows this, but Seattle playwright Nick Edwards has "a sticky relationship with Christmas." For one thing, it’s his birthday and like all kids born on Dec. 25, he has strong opinions about the hoopla that traditionally surrounds the holiday. "I find myself really drawn to Christmas stories that have a dark side," he admitted. "Some of the most heralded holiday stories start and trudge through some pretty dark stuff. "It’s A Wonderful Life" essentially starts with a suicide attempt. "A Christmas Carol" begins with a cold, cruel miser being haunted. Rudolph is bullied and ostracized by everyone he knows. The best holiday stuff is great because it doesn’t hide the flaws. It embraces them and tries to do it good despite everything. That’s heart."

At the same time, he’s more than willing to disparage overrated Christmas tales, “probably the most egregious of which is "Love Actually." It’s a terrible mov…

Gordon loves playing a nice mom for Christmas

Macall Gordon has played many mothers over the years. In an Amazon original series airing online, "Man in the High Castle," she’s Anne Crain Walker, the mother of heroine Juliana and holder of a few secrets of her own. For Taproot Theatre’s production of "This Christmas," Gordon developed the character of Helen Masters, a character that she describes as good-hearted and a far more typical mother than women like Anne.

"I was thrilled to play a nice mom. It may sound strange, but a majority of Mom roles that I’ve auditioned for or played tend to be the ones that the other characters, teen or adult children, react against," she said. "It’s actually gotten a bit depressing at times. Is this all we have to say about women/moms over 45 or 50? They’re cold, or self-absorbed, or judgmental? I think there’s way more that playwrights could say about moms and motherhood across all ages."

In Anne Kennedy Brady’s play, Helen’s daughter Leah (playe…