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PNB audience fall in love with Twyla

At a lecture earlier this week, choreographer Twyla Tharp said, “A commission is an invitation to fall in love.” Then the legendary lady proceeded to outline all the ways that she’d fallen in love at Pacific Northwest Ballet while creating a new piece for the company: the wit of Carrie Imler’s dancing, the daring of “Johnny” [Jonathan] Porretta, the sass of Kiyon Gaines, the speed of Laura Tisserand, and "the maturity of James Moore." The last caused a few giggles in an audience who still mostly think of Moore as the young heartthrob who dazzled in Marco Goecke's Mopey and Susan Marshall's Kiss during his early years in Seattle. But, of course, Tharp was right. She proved every point and so much more in an evocative work crafted on and for the dancers of PNB: Waiting at the Station. By the time that the world premiere ended last night (Sept. 27), it was clear that the audience had returned the favor and fallen in love with the piece crisply described in the program a