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A real Felicia tackles the role of the fictional Felicia in Memphis

The musical Memphis rolled back to Seattle in September. Actress Felicia Boswell plays the African-American love interest, also called Felicia, of poor and white Huey, who fights to bring her character's songs to the "center of the dial" in 1950s radio.The struggles of dating across the color line, emphasized by the disapproval of both characters' families, serve to provide the dramatic tension in this largely uplifting musical about the power of music.
Boswell recently chatted via email about the role and what she's learned about the "Memphis sound" since she started with this musical on Broadway. Memphis continues at the 5th Avenue Theatre through Oct. 7.

What's the key for you in understanding Felicia Farrell and her complicated relationship with Huey Calhoun?
I have always dated outside of my race. My boyfriend is Caucasian. Although it's a different time now, some people are still very uncomfortable with this. It was only maximiz…