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Maggie Lee wrangles pandas and jokes at PFP

Maggie Lee started out as a backstage tech and "panda wrangler" for the Pork Filled Players in 2004, but these days she's better known in Seattle as a playwright whose work ranges from horror adaptations to romantic comedies. Photo by Robert Tang Lee returns to her sketch comedy roots this month as a writer and performer in Porktacular! at the Ballard Underground (2220 Market Ave. NW, Seattle), July 13 to 28, Friday and Saturdays at 8 pm. You always list yourself as a "panda wrangler" for PFP. What inspired that title? The panda wrangling started when I wrote a sketch called "Panda: Hostage Negotiator" for one of our shows. There was some doubt as to how it would work, since we couldn't afford a whole panda costume or even a decent mask. So I said, "I wrote the darned thing, I'll take care of the panda." I went home and built a panda head out of an old baseball cap, a pair of tights, and some fur.