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Two be Hamlet at Seattle Shakes

Seattle Shakespeare Company gives November audiences two chances to explore the complexity of everyone’s favorite Dane. The company's current production of Hamlet (Oct. 27 through Dec. 5) features New Century Theatre Company co-founder Darragh Kennan in the title role. For those who like their Dane a little lighter, Connor Toms tackles the role of a young Hamlet encountering Martin Luther, Copernicus, and Dr. Faustus in the comedy Wittenberg (Nov. 15 to Dec. 5).

Kennan and Toms interrupted rehearsals to answer questions about portraying the iconic character at the Center House Theater.

What is the most appealing part of playing Hamlet?
Kennan: The idea of playing Hamlet is fabulous: the best part ever written, being given a chance to "put your stamp" on the part, a validation (almost) of a career in the theater. All these thoughts or ideas swim around in your head and then you actually have to do it. And all you can do is to try to keep up with it.

Toms: …

Getting into the blood splatter zone

It’s Monday night before the Tuesday preview and James Padilla finally has a moment to talk about his leading role in Evil Dead: The Musical. “It’s my dream role. I’m a big fan of the movies so I definitely wanted to be Ash,” said Padilla. The tall, dark-haired actor has the burly good looks necessary to fill the role indelibly created by Bruce Campbell. For Padilla, who has appeared around town in roles as diverse as Mr. Rochester in Seattle Musical Theatre’s Jane Eyre and a high school student in this summer’s Yellow Wood, this was his most anticipated role of recent years.
“I’ve known that they were going to do this for months and months before the rehearsals began. Chris [Zinovitch, the director] e-mailed some of us that this was coming. And then there were the auditions, the call-backs, and then more waiting for rehearsals to start. The anticipation was killing me.”

Padilla spent the time learning such songs as “Blew That Bitch Away.” He said: “T…