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Wong sets the scale for Borrowers

Set designer Carey Wong has turned Seattle Children Theatre's stage into the amazing world of the Borrowers. Fans of the beloved series by Mary Norton know that Borrowers are very small people who live under the floorboards and furnish their homes with items "borrowed" from the "human beans" in the house.
This production adapts the first two books in the series, The Borrowers and The Borrowers Afield, taking the tiny Clock family from their cozy home under the floorboards and into larger world.

The Borrowers opens Friday, Oct. 1, (with a public preview Thursday) and runs through Oct. 31 at SCT.
Wong recently discussed how he and SCT's technical crew created the Borrowers' world.

SCT is very good at creating illusions of smallness: like last year's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. How did you create the Borrower's world and make it feel real?
We decided early on that Borrowers are about 6" tall under the floor boards, so everything in th…

From little lamb to The Full Monty

Seattle actor Dane Stokinger returns to Village Theatre's mainstage in the company's production of The Full Monty. He plays Jerry Lukowski, the unemployed blue-collar worker who convinces his fellows in the unemployment line that they can solve their economic woes by baring it all in striptease routine.

The Full Monty opens Sept. 15 at the Village's Issaquah theater, and moves to Everett in October. Stokinger took time before rehearsal last week to answer a few questions about The Full Monty (including those infamous pull-away pants) as well as his first title role: the lamb in a grade school production of Mary Had A Little Lamb.

OK, the last few times I saw you perform, you were buried under layers of pirate plumage in Peter Pan at Seattle Children's Theatre or biblical robes as one of Joseph's brothers at the 5th Avenue.. How does it feel to be...ah...a little more exposed in this production?
It is definitely a change from the usual production. When I went …