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Feminist farce tickles Narver's funny bone

When Allison Narver first read the play The Female of the Species, she startled fellow plane passengers. “I was laughing so loudly that I started to draw attention to myself,” recalled Narver. She had been sent the play by ACT’s artistic director Kurt Beattie with an invitation to direct its Seattle premiere. Narver’s previous credits at ACT include Eurydice and The Clean House.

Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith takes a real-life incident, when feminist icon Germaine Greer was held hostage in her home by an obsessed college co-ed, and turns it into a fictional farce about the entire women's movement.

“It’s a sharp satire on the generational issues and it allows feminism to be funny,” observed Narver. “Murray-Smith takes all these different points of views and locks them in a room together.” In the play, feminist author Margot Mason (veteran Seattle stage actor Suzy Hunt) and her disillusioned, gun-wielding disciple Molly (Renata Fried…