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Kathy Hsieh returns for her seventeenth episode of Sex in Seattle

Kathy Hsieh is an actor and director who recently appeared in the “Runway Job” episode of TNT’s Leverage. Her local stage work includes the Seattle Rep, Book-It, ACT, Intiman, Taproot, ReAct, Freehold, Living Voices and more. As a playwright, she’s been named “50 to Watch” by The Dramatist Magazine. Her plays have been produced by Northwest Asian American Theatre, and Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre as well as being in the Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival, 14/48 and International Centre for Women Playwrights’ Chicago Her-rah Festival.
Since 2000, a regular acting and writing assignment has been Sex in Seattle, the Asian-American serial on love, dating, and other relationships now opening its seventeenth “episode” at Richard Hugo House. Fans of the characters have been following the SIS crew for all nine years, “longer than many marriages” jokes Hsieh.
Between rehearsals, she took a little time to answer a few questions about the local sensation known by many simply as SI…