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A Lass for all ladies: an interview with Crime’s leading (and only) actress

Note: 2009 seemed like the year of Hana: I kept seeing her in various productions. All her work was excellent, but my favorite was probably her Ariel in Tempest at Seattle Shakespeare. Hana Lass embodies every woman on stage in Intiman’s production of Crime and Punishment at the Seattle Center. Luckily, this upcoming Seattle actress is used to quick changes and has already played a wide range of characters on Seattle’s stages. She took time off from a busy tech week preparing for her second outing as Crime and Punishmen t’s Sonia to answer a few questions. You've had a number of roles at the smaller companies: Seattle Shakespeare, Book-It, Mirror Stage, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, and the recent Crime and Punishment at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. How important are the fringe theaters in Seattle to building a career here? Every actor has their own path, but certainly in my case having the full range of opportunities in this town has been essential to the de