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Bullets star loves touring in a Broadway show

The next big Broadway hit arriving at the Paramount is “Bullets Over Broadway,” based on the Woody Allen movie of the same name. Jemma Jane plays Olive Neal, one of the stars of a Broadway show financed by her mobster boyfriend. Set in 1929, the show matches popular tunes of the era with the tangled backstage antics of several mismatched couples trying to put on a show.

The show ran in 2014 on Broadway and is now on a national tour. Jane recently responded to questions about her plunge into American musical theater via email.

RJ: In your bio, it says that your training took place in New York City and prior to that you performed in Australia in a number of shows. How did that jump of continents happen?
JJ: After I graduated high school in Australia I spent a couple of years working and performing whilst studying part-time at The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney. I then moved to New York City to study full-time at AMDA (The American Musical and Dramatic …