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Steven Dietz: resisting a brand-name image

A few years ago, someone told Steven Dietz that he lacked a “brand” and that would hinder his success.
“I was advised that my plays were all over the map, that I had confused my brand,” said the playwright whose award shelf holds two Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays Awards, the PEN USA West Award in Drama, the 2007 Edgar Award for Drama (the Mystery Writers of America highest award), and the 1995 Yomuiri Shimbun Award (the Japanese "Tony"), among other honors.

His original works tackle everything from 21st century conspiracy theories, such as Yankee Tavern at ACT, to comedic forays into modern life, like Becky’s New Car. Dietz's stage adaptations of other people’s work also run gamut of ideas and themes, ranging from complex historical novels like Endo’s Silence (for which he received the Shimbun Award) to the sparse but delightful wordplay of P.D. Eastman’s Go, Dog, Go, a work that he co-authored with Allison Gregory for Seattle Children's T…