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Book-It's adaptation turns Confederacy of Dunces into a comedy hit

Author's confession: Confederacy of Dunces was never a favorite of mine. I found the book more annoying than amusing when I tried to read it. But this production was a delight from beginning to end and completely sold me on Book-It's style (something that I also had found less than appealing in their early years).
Book-It Repertory Theatre’s adaptation of Confederacy of Dunces turned a “love it or hate it” book into a universally acclaimed comedy hit this fall.The novel revolves around the odyssey of the fat and flatulent Ignatius J. Reilly through New Orleans while clad in a green hunting cap and muffler. While proponents of Confederacy adore Ignatius and his personal quest to be a cultural critic, bastion of morality, and eater of hot dogs, not everyone is the fat man’s fan.Among those less than enamored with Ignatius was Mary Machala. So when Book-It called and asked her to adapt John Kennedy Toole’s novel for their 20th anniversary, she took some time to read the b…